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I was blessed that Reiki found me at the young age of 17 attending a talk at a local mind, body, spirit fair, a lovely Reiki master was discussing Reiki, and its benefits and immediately I felt this was my calling if you will, I signed up for the first degree training a little skeptical and unsure. Soon to experience the benefits myself, initially sharing and practicing on only friends and family, I became passionate about  Reiki and its wonderful therapeutic benefits.


 Like everyone else i've had my share of ups and downs, struggling with my own health and  for years I suffered with severe panick attacks and depression. Reiki helped me and still to this day helps me remain strong. Now eight years on and another Reiki degree course later, I decided to set up my own practice to share Reiki with the intention to help others to cope with their day to day troubles and most of all to help spread love and light to all. 













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