My services


Below are the services i have availible if you would like any more information on these treatments and prices please feel free to contact me on the phone number or email address provided on the contact me page.


(please note that reiki is not a cure for disease or illness, it is a therapy to contribute to overall wellbeing and should not be used in place of  medicine)

Usui Reiki treatments


Relax and enjoy a wonderful Usui treatment named after Mikao Usui, the founder of usui reiki, treatments last around one hour and help the client to de-stress, relax and rebalance themselves. Fantastic for if you feel a little run down and over worked or if you just feel like pampering yourself and having some quality you time.

Animal Reiki


Animals love Reiki too, if you fancy giving your beloved pet a treat why not book them in for a bit of pampering and de stressing too? 

Energetic space clearing


We all feel our environments can feel a bit cluttered from time to time, not just from accumulating physical clutter but also energetic clutter like old thought patterns and negative emotions can enegetically clutter your space leaving you feeling restless, tired, de motivated and unable to relax, why not indulge in a lovely energetic space clearing session to uplift your home and your mood?

Angelic reiki


Angelic reiki is a powerful and wonderful energy which has to be experienced to be fully appreciated,  I work with the beloved Archangels, Ascended masters and galactic healers to help clear your aura and rebalance your energy, sessions usually last around one hour.

Past life healing


Ever been intrigued about your previous lifetimes, past life healing can help remove any energetic blockages from a past life that may be holding you back in this lifetime, also you may discover a little more about who you were in a previous life, why not give it a try?